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Corporate Training

EAT provides training programs for the people across the generations from freshmen through board members. The scope of industrial sectors includes finance, service, public institution, and manufacturing.
EAT gives lectures at high schools and universities as well, thus, by thoroughly recognizing and understanding the process of human growth, it is able to develop effective training programs that suit each growth stage.

The angle of corporate training is diversified. Examples of primary keywords are:

“Forecasting the environment of next generation”
“Reinforcement of the management ability of global standard”
“Career & Skill development for survival”
“Acquisition of the idea of the true governance”
“Brush up of the insight, utilizing asset management”

These may seem apart, but they are through one right course in terms of the following principle:
“In a rapidly changing environment, the power to accomplish the desire by flexibly adapting oneself to the circumstances is the force to survive the global era. And, the asset management is the most powerful weapon to win in the field of business deployed in fierce competition.”

EAT’s training program features “the comparison of actual cases of Japan vs Overseas”, and it employs a variety of methods such as the group discussion using EAT’s original case studies, debate, personal/group practice.
Most training programs mainly aim to enhance the value of all business people working in Japan. This is based on the view that the definition of a global business person includes not only the Japanese business person working overseas but also the Japanese business person working in Japan who is demanded to transform the way of working.
Corporate training is usually carried directly by Okamura. But, depending on the theme, the professional in the subject field may be invited appropriately.
Case1 Large Insurance Company
Target: Branch office managers~young members (Extensive job title layer of business site)

Time/Period: 1-hour/time 12 times/year (multi-year program)
Course Name:

Skill development in the global era

Goals: Basic lecture series to enhance the market value of each individual in the next era. It covers how to set “the motivating goals”, “action agenda 10”, and how to evolve/transform both the way of working and thinking. Along with deepening the understanding of the essence of things, in order to enhance the ability to apply it into execution, the participants work to further analyze the current topics and day-to-day financial/capital market movements as a team. It is well received as a story making of a dialog with customers.
Case2 Head quarter of a large bank
Target: Young members of the middle class (Leader layer of headquarters that will increasingly cooperate with overseas in both quantity and quality)

Time/Period: 8 times in 6 months Full day/time
Course Name:

Training of management power in the global era

Goals: Featuring “the global era” as a keyword, it shows the skill sets required in the following generation, evolution of the ability/attitude demanded in the management, and how to reinforce the cooperation with foreign counterparts. The class is founded on the actual global cases and conducted in group discussion style. Why does subtle temperature difference occur on communication with foreigners? How do you encourage an employee with a different sense of values? It focuses to improve the technical ability based on the discernment of the essence.
Case3 Middle sized temporary staff company
Target: Management of headquarters of a temporary staff company (several hundred of registered staff)

Time/Period: One time 3 hours
Course Name:

Training of management power to fill the goal by all means

Goals: Mini lecture on the management basics is given to younger managers of a start-up company. With that in mind, participants discuss about both how to set goals that motivate the subordinates and its method. No documents are used. The class is held in a free discussion style with participants gathering around in a circle and with a drink in one hand. In the end, a summary is put together on the white board as the company's original action guidance.
It is aimed to make young executives grasp the directionality they are in search.
Case4 Leading auditing firm
Target: Younger CPAs

Time/Period: Three times/year 3 hours/time
Course Name:

What would you do as a president?

Goals: For young CPAs who are going to be deeply involved with business owners in the future, it questions how they would face deeper worries and challenges beyond the technical problems of management. It is serialized and evolved into a training that brushes up the skill using realistic cases.
Other trainings provided are:
“Enhancement of overseas communication skills” for a leading manufacturer
“Lecture series of improvement of asset management power” for a public institution
“Using the asset management as a weapon of the global business person” for a leading insurance company

In order not to make the training effect fleeting but to let it actually make a change, we undertake the training task as a series. Exceptions will be made when we receive an approach from new industry or an innovative proposal. We undertake one-shot training in such cases. To develop a unique training program with explosive impact, we densely exchange ideas with clients.